2016 Competition Team T-Shirts

From tonight until Saturday, June 11th students will be able to order their 2016 Paramount BJJ competition team t-shirts. These shirts are a hybrid 65% polyester/35% cotton with a softer feel, comparable to the IBJJF shirts. You can find a size chart on the bulletin board, and order your shirts at the front desk. You will need to pre-pay for the shirt, cash only please. They are $20 each – $16 for Combat Gold and Black Belt Club students.


Order yours today!


2016 Spring In-House Results

Congratulations to all of the winners, and a round of applause for all those who stepped on to the mats to test their skills. Competition offers an experience unlike anything else, and is guaranteed to accelerate your progress. Although you may not notice it, your competition experience has undoubtedly made you a better Jiu-Jitsu practitioner (“Jiu-Jiteiro”), and in fact a better person for having conquered the anxiety and doubt that accompany it.

The Spring 2016 In-House BJJ tournament was a resounding success, thanks to all of the participants and staff, as well as the supporters- friends, fanily, fellow students- who came out to cheer on the competitors.

Here are the results:

Kids – Bracket 1

  1. Mike Landrum
  2. Jason “Bubba” O’neill
  3. Charlotte Pellathy

Kids – Bracket 2

  1. Charlie Gallatin
  2. Nick Bowers
  3. Darragh Gray

Kids – Bracket 3

  1. Manny Pulgarin
  2. Nate Lescher
  3. Rileigh O’neill

Kids – Bracket 4

  1. Jack Hrzic
  2. Sean Lentz
  3. Kierce Dayton

Kids – Bracket 5

  1. Omar Elsayed
  2. Sofia Tapia
  3. Dylan Carey

Kids – Bracket 6

  1. Jack Chamberlain
  2. Mohammed Elsayed
  3. Mason Talucci

Kids – Bracket 7

  1. Cole Pacinelli
  2. Hayden Smith
  3. Joaquin Fernandes

Kids/Teens – Bracket 8

  1. Maggie Romanaukos
  2. Jack Myers
  3. Reed Vattilano

Kids/Teens – Bracket 9

  1. Maddie Watchinsky
  2. Vincent Montone
  3. Andrew Banardi

Kids – Bracket 10

  1. Collin Chamberlain
  2. Brian Chamberlain
  3. George Gordon

Kids – Bracket 10a

  1. Fatmah Elsayed
  2. Ethan Kosits

Kids – Bracket 11

  1. Brandon Pacinelli
  2. Layla Tapia
  3. Raymond Ferretti

Kids/Teens – Bracket 12

  1. Milind Sangani
  2. Emma Dalkin

Adults – Bracket 13

  1. Kyle Gamble
  2. Avery Drake
  3. Drew Sweeney

Adult – Bracket 14

  1. Justin Fritz
  2. Drew Meise
  3. Chris Patton

Adult – Bracket 15

  1. Aden Twer
  2. Greg Thompson
  3. Win Harshaw

Adult – Bracket 16

  1. Harrison Schwartz
  2. Josiah Belgrave
  3. AJ Discianni

Adult – Bracket 17

  1. Mike Discianni
  2. Jason O’neill
  3. Chris Schinning

Adult – Women – White belt

  1. Melissa Landrum
  2. Cathryn Millares
  3. Jess Carey

Adult – Men – White Belt LW Absolute

  1. Josiah Belgrave
  2. AJ Discianni
  3. Ron Davenport

Adult – Men – White Belt HW Absolute

  1. Win Harshaw
  2. Alex Lazos
  3. Rob Sellers

Adult – Men – Blue belt LW

  1. Denny Sisti
  2. Brett Landrum
  3. Dan Sweeney

Adult – Men – Blue belt LHW

  1. Chris Bialis
  2. Bob Pozun
  3. Branden King

Adult – Men – Blue belt Absolute

  1. Denny Sisti
  2. Brett Landrum
  3. Rob Cullen

Once again, congratulations to all of the medalists. Our next In-House will be held in November!

Paramount BJJ head instructor Brad Court was promoted to 3rd degree black belt by TAC Team BJJ founder and leader Jared Weiner. Brad is now the highest ranking BJJ black belt in Chester County, PA and one of the highest ranking black belts on the East Coast.

3rd degree

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PABJJF Submission Only Results

Yesterday the PABJJF held it’s first Submission Only tournament. There were some great battles, and great performances from the Paramount BJJ team.

2016 PABJJF Sub Only Champion

Head Instructor Brad Court took on Charles Gomes from Gracie Barra in the featured “super fight.” Coach Brad used an omoplata to sweep and get on top, passed the guard and tapped his opponent with an ezekial choke.


Phil Mento returned to competition for the first time in 2016 and won Gold in all 3 purple belt divisions, gi and no-gi. He showed off his takedowns, sweeps, guard passing and of course some slick submissions.


AJ Discianni won Gold in his gi and no-gi divisions, another solid performance from an up-and-comer who shows strong potential.

Rob Cullen, Mike Discianni and Stephon Nelson also had some back-and-forth wars and showed grit and determination. Most importantly, they gained the experience and mat-time that can only improve their skills and their understanding of Jiu-Jitsu.


In the kids divisions, which were regular bjj rules and not submission-only, Rileigh took Silver and Jack placed 3rd.

Next up for our competitors is next week’s In-House tournament. Check back soon for full details and schedule for the event, which will take place on Saturday, May 21st.


This Saturday the PABJJF will hold it’s first “Submission Only” tournament, in which adult competitors will go head-to-head without any concern for points. Paramount BJJ is bringing a team of competitors, PLUS head instructor and 2nd degree black belt Brad Court will be participating in a “super-fight.”


For more info visit pabjjf.org and you can still register for the event! Make sure to register under the team name “TAC Team BJJ.” Don’t forget to use the discount code 20OFFADULTS and 10OFFKIDS for a discount, PLUS adult competitors of the PABJJF tournament get to compete free at our In-House tournament (the very next weekend).

Anthony Pacinelli is one of the most consistent students at Paramount, and the 2014 Student of the Year. He trains almost daily, despite being a father of 3 with a very busy schedule. His sons Brandon and Cole also train at Paramount. He’s referred countless students, including his fiancé Abi (keep an eye out for her student profile soon).

Anthony also holds the distinction of becoming the first student to medal at the IBJJF Pan American Championships, something he’s now done two years in a row. He’s an excellent role model for students of all ages and it’s an honor to have him as part of the Paramount BJJ family.IMG_8067

Paramount BJJ 2016 Spring In-House Tournament

The Paramount BJJ spring in-house tournament will take place on Saturday, May 21st! The in-house tournament is a great opportunity for students to test their skills in a friendly and super fun environment. It is highly recommended for students with 3 or more months of training.

The in-house tournament is also the perfect chance to get a realistic sense for how a real-life confrontation feels, both physically and mentally. The excitement, the adrenaline, and the sense of accomplishment after the match is over are unlike anything else- it’s an incredible experience.

Panoramic Mat 2

  • Divisions for children, teens, and adults (White through Purple belt).
  • Double elimination for kids and teens – guaranteed 2 matches.
  • Open division for adults.
  • $30 up to May 14th – $40 until May 20th
  • No day-of registration.
  • Weigh-ins will take place during the week prior to the tournament.

Registration for the tournament will open on Monday, April 25th. You can find the rules and more info on the bulletin board by the front desk. Make sure you register ASAP to be a part of this awesome event!

PABJJF Submission Only Event on May 14th

ATTN: all Paramount BJJ adult competitors! On Saturday, May 14th the PABJJF will be holding their first “Submission-Only” event. This is a great opportunity to test your skills in a completely different scenario that the typical BJJ tournament.

You don’t have to worry about points, or losing by ref decision. You’ll have plenty of time to find out who is the “better man,” which means you’ll be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses so much easier.

Not only will you have this unique opportunity to compete, but you’ll also be able to watch head instructor Brad Court compete in a black belt submission-only superfight!


On top of all of that the price to compete in both Gi and No-Gi is only $80 if you register before May 14th. You can find all of the info on the PABJJF website right HERE.

New York Open Results | BJJ in Downingtown PA

The IBJJF New York Spring Open is the toughest tournament on the East Coast, and this weekend we had two great performances from Dave Landgarten and Greg Hagner.

Dave was coming off a knee surgery and had lost both of his matches at purple belt last year. This time he was on point, putting in his best competition performance to date. He won two very tough matches for Gold.


Greg won Gold in his weight class and entered the Absolute division (all weights combined). He won his first match 7-0, then had one of the best matches of the day in the semi-final. Down 3-0, Greg came back to score 10 unanswered points to win 10-3. In the final Greg was winning comfortably but suffered a serious injury to his hand. Hopefully it’s not too bad and he can get back to training soon.


Shin-to-Shin Sweep | BJJ in Downingtown PA

Check out this awesome sweep that Daniel Tavares (Pan Am Champ and World Silver medalist) showed at his seminar last month, right here at Paramount BJJ:


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