Currently pursuing a masters degree in speech-language pathology, Krista Carpenter isn’t always able train as much as she’d like to. But she’s a great example of someone who makes the most of her time on the mats, and will often be seen drilling after class. She knows that every minute on the mats makes you better.

She earned her blue belt after winning the New York Open and American Nationals, using excellent control and guard passing. She trains alongside her husband Adam, who introduced her to Jiu-Jitsu, and is among the ever-growing female presence on the mats at Paramount BJJ.


For more info on the biggest and most successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Chester County, with more International medals than all other local schools combined, click HERE or call 610-269-1127.

Adult BJJ Stripe Tests in September

The next set of white belt stripe tests for the adult BJJ program have been scheduled:

  • Friday, September 9th at 6pm
  • Saturday, September 10th at 11am

Due to a busy September, there will not be any make-up tests.

Space is limited, you can reserve your spot by signing up at the front desk. You can find the full BJJ Basics curriculum and stripe requirements at the bulletin board by the lobby.

The 2016 IBJJF New York Summer Open has come and gone. Paramount BJJ brought 7 competitors and came home with 2 Gold, 5 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals. Full results for each medalist can be found below.

2016 NY Summer Competition Team

Brett Landrum

  • Gold in No-Gi lightweight
  • Gold in No-Gi absolute
  • Silver in Gi lightweight

Abi Durrant

  • Silver in Gi featherweight
  • Silver in Gi absolute

Dave Landgarten

  • Silver in Gi middleweight

Phil Mento

  • Bronze in Gi middlweight

Anthony Pacinelli

  • Bronze in No-Gi absolute

Brad Court

  • Silver in Gi middlweight

There are three more competitions for the Paramount BJJ competitors on the horizon in August: The NAGA Battle at the Beach, IBJJF Boston Open, and IBJJF Masters World Championships.

Henrik Strame has been training at Paramount BJJ since the days of the 900 SF room at the USTC. Although the academy is now over 5x that size, Henrik’s presence is as strong as ever. When he’s in class, his sense of humor and willingness to help other students is obvious. When he’s missing, everyone asks where he is.IMG_7162For more info on training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for kids and adults click HERE or call us at 610-269-1127 and ask about our 7-Day FREE Trial.

Stripe Promotions | June 2016

The 2016 second quarter White Belt Stripe Tests for the adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students took place this past weekend. Congratulations to all of the students who demonstrated their knowledge and passed, the result of consistency and dedication.

1st Stripe

  • Chris Patton
  • Jason O’neill
  • Michael Haile
  • Mark Aaronson
  • Greg Thompson
  • Jason Johannsen
  • Ed Foley
  • Connor Lammey
  • Chris Craig
  • Cathryn Millares
  • Derek Emlet

2nd Stripe

  • John Walsh

3rd Stripe

  • Tyler Johnson
  • Vanshil Thakkar
  • Mike Discianni
  • Paul Snyder
  • Pete Fernandes

4th Stripe

  • Christina Heston
  • Tony Hrzic
  • Andy De lena
  • Sam Digregorio

The next stripe test will be held in September, so to all the white belts: Stay consistent this summer!

Congratulations to the students who were promoted this past Saturday, all 4 of them have worked tirelessly to improve themselves and their teammates. Thanks to Kate Mazzi Photography for the great photos.


Above, Rick Heist is awarded a long-overdue blue belt.


A.J. Discianni is promoted to blue belt.


Anthony Pacinelli being awarded the purple belt.


Chris Traini was also promoted to purple belt.


To all of the students: Keep training hard, our next belt promotion event will be here before you know it!


The next testing dates for our White Belt Stripe Tests have been scheduled! You can reserve your spot by signing up at the front desk. The dates are:

  • Friday, June 17th at 6pm
  • Saturday, June 18th at 11am

We will still be holding the BJJ Basics class on Saturday for those who are not testing. Review the techniques on our online members site, review and practice the moves with a training partner, and don’t hesitate to ask questions before or after class.


2016 Competition Team T-Shirts

From tonight until Saturday, June 11th students will be able to order their 2016 Paramount BJJ competition team t-shirts. These shirts are a hybrid 65% polyester/35% cotton with a softer feel, comparable to the IBJJF shirts. You can find a size chart on the bulletin board, and order your shirts at the front desk. You will need to pre-pay for the shirt, cash only please. They are $20 each – $16 for Combat Gold and Black Belt Club students.


Order yours today!


2016 Spring In-House Results

Congratulations to all of the winners, and a round of applause for all those who stepped on to the mats to test their skills. Competition offers an experience unlike anything else, and is guaranteed to accelerate your progress. Although you may not notice it, your competition experience has undoubtedly made you a better Jiu-Jitsu practitioner (“Jiu-Jiteiro”), and in fact a better person for having conquered the anxiety and doubt that accompany it.

The Spring 2016 In-House BJJ tournament was a resounding success, thanks to all of the participants and staff, as well as the supporters- friends, fanily, fellow students- who came out to cheer on the competitors.

Here are the results:

Kids – Bracket 1

  1. Mike Landrum
  2. Jason “Bubba” O’neill
  3. Charlotte Pellathy

Kids – Bracket 2

  1. Charlie Gallatin
  2. Nick Bowers
  3. Darragh Gray

Kids – Bracket 3

  1. Manny Pulgarin
  2. Nate Lescher
  3. Rileigh O’neill

Kids – Bracket 4

  1. Jack Hrzic
  2. Sean Lentz
  3. Kierce Dayton

Kids – Bracket 5

  1. Omar Elsayed
  2. Sofia Tapia
  3. Dylan Carey

Kids – Bracket 6

  1. Jack Chamberlain
  2. Mohammed Elsayed
  3. Mason Talucci

Kids – Bracket 7

  1. Cole Pacinelli
  2. Hayden Smith
  3. Joaquin Fernandes

Kids/Teens – Bracket 8

  1. Maggie Romanaukos
  2. Jack Myers
  3. Reed Vattilano

Kids/Teens – Bracket 9

  1. Maddie Watchinsky
  2. Vincent Montone
  3. Andrew Banardi

Kids – Bracket 10

  1. Collin Chamberlain
  2. Brian Chamberlain
  3. George Gordon

Kids – Bracket 10a

  1. Fatmah Elsayed
  2. Ethan Kosits

Kids – Bracket 11

  1. Brandon Pacinelli
  2. Layla Tapia
  3. Raymond Ferretti

Kids/Teens – Bracket 12

  1. Milind Sangani
  2. Emma Dalkin

Adults – Bracket 13

  1. Kyle Gamble
  2. Avery Drake
  3. Drew Sweeney

Adult – Bracket 14

  1. Justin Fritz
  2. Drew Meise
  3. Chris Patton

Adult – Bracket 15

  1. Aden Twer
  2. Greg Thompson
  3. Win Harshaw

Adult – Bracket 16

  1. Harrison Schwartz
  2. Josiah Belgrave
  3. AJ Discianni

Adult – Bracket 17

  1. Mike Discianni
  2. Jason O’neill
  3. Chris Schinning

Adult – Women – White belt

  1. Melissa Landrum
  2. Cathryn Millares
  3. Jess Carey

Adult – Men – White Belt LW Absolute

  1. Josiah Belgrave
  2. AJ Discianni
  3. Ron Davenport

Adult – Men – White Belt HW Absolute

  1. Win Harshaw
  2. Alex Lazos
  3. Rob Sellers

Adult – Men – Blue belt LW

  1. Denny Sisti
  2. Brett Landrum
  3. Dan Sweeney

Adult – Men – Blue belt LHW

  1. Chris Bialis
  2. Bob Pozun
  3. Branden King

Adult – Men – Blue belt Absolute

  1. Denny Sisti
  2. Brett Landrum
  3. Rob Cullen

Once again, congratulations to all of the medalists. Our next In-House will be held in November!

Paramount BJJ head instructor Brad Court was promoted to 3rd degree black belt by TAC Team BJJ founder and leader Jared Weiner. Brad is now the highest ranking BJJ black belt in Chester County, PA and one of the highest ranking black belts on the East Coast.

3rd degree

For more info on training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Paramount click HERE or call 610-269-1127 and ask about our 7-day FREE Trial.

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