Check out the highlight video from our 2017 competition team, featuring triangle chokes, armlocks, cross chokes and collar chokes, head & arm chokes, ezekial chokes, leg locks and more!


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Here is the current class schedule for the Christmas and New Year holidays:

  • Saturday, December 23th: Open mat at 11 am.
  • Monday, December 25th: Closed.
  • Saturday, December 30th: Open mat at 11 am.
  • Monday, January 1st: Closed.

All other days we will run our regular class schedule.

*This schedule is as of December 13th and is subject to change.

This past Saturday, December 9th, Paramount held its 2017 annual Awards and Year-End belt promotion ceremony. 3 students were recognized for exceptional achievements and 12 were awarded a new belt.


For the first time ever, 1 student earned 2 awards. Abi Pacinelli took home both the Performance of the Year and Competitor of the Year.

The Performance award was in recognition of her accomplishments at the IBJJF Atlanta Summer Open, where she won 3 Gold medals and a Silver. In addition to this achievement, she also earned 2 medals at the World Masters Championship, Gold at the DC Open, Silver at the NY Pro, had 2 impressive armlock wins at Fight to Win Pro

Instructor of the Year went to Phil Mento, who is the head instructor of the Children’s Program, assistant instructor in the Boxing classes, and also assists with adult BJJ classes.

Hrithik Sangani was awarded Student of the Year. Still in highschool, Hrithik is taking AP classes and getting straight A’s. This year he began competing in the adult divisions, winning our in-house tournament and medaling at the New Breed and Tap Cancer Out (TCO) tournaments. He was also the top fundraiser for the TCO event, raising over $10,000! On top of all of that he was awarded his blue belt.


Twelve very deserving students reached a major milestone. All of them are great representatives of Paramount and, if they continue on their current trajectory, will someday become great black belts.

Blue Belt

  • Rob Nirenberg
  • Jason O’Neill
  • Mike Discianni
  • Rich Brzezinski
  • Hrithik Sangani
  • Jocelynn Palmer

Purple Belt

  • Artem Bohovko
  • Branden King

Brown Belt

  • Jim Mattson
  • Ryan O’Connell
  • Greg Hagner
  • Chris Traini

Well done to the following students for passing their stripe test this past weekend:

1st Stripe

  • Heather Allard
  • Sean Jansen
  • Andy Keenan

2nd Stripe

  • Dan Letscher
  • Blake Lowry
  • TJ Cascio
  • Josh Christy
  • Tim Holt
  • Mike Schmitt

3rd Stripe

  • Jen Elam
  • Gary Balakof
  • Liz Dayton
  • Joe Turney
  • Pat Amore

4th Stripe

  • Eric O’Neill
  • Kenny Gilyard
  • Hrithik Sangani
  • Jeff McBride
  • Bill Bonnell

This Saturday is our Year-End Awards & Belt Promotions. Make sure to be on the mat in your gi (White or Blue only) at 11am for the annual team portrait.

Thank you to all of the competitors, coaches, & families who participated in Saturday’s event and made it our biggest and best in-house tournament yet. Special thanks to all of the visiting academies- Main Line United, Deep Water, BJJ United, Osagame, and Martinez BJJ- for joining in on the fun.

Of course it wouldn’t have been possible without referees and score-keepers, so thanks also goes to the staff and volunteers.

We had some great matches, see below for the results:


Bracket 1

  1. Malik Roberson – Deep Water
  2. Kaden Gatt – Paramount
  3. Steve Rullo – Paramount

Bracket 2

  1. Lu Laurino – Main Line United
  2. Brandon Pacinelli – Paramount
  3. Henry Hartling – Main Line United

Bracket 3

  1. Abigail Elam – Paramount
  2. Majd Nasr – Main Line United
  3. Lincoln Auxter – BJJ United

Bracket 4

  1. Blaise Bonnell – Paramount
  2. Jocelyn Amore – Paramount
  3. Bryce Hesdon – Paramount

Bracket 5

  1. Robert Norwood – Paramount
  2. Majd Nasr – Main Line United
  3. Lauren Elam – Paramount

Bracket 6

  1. Nate Letscher – Paramount
  2. Claire Pellathy – BJJ United
  3. Ronak Bhagwanjee – Paramount

Bracket 7

  1. Rileigh O’neill – Paramount
  2. Charlie Gallatig – Paramount
  3. Rayo Patel – Paramount

Bracket 8

  1. Cole Pacinelli – Paramount
  2. Vince Dilella – Main Line United

Bracket 9

  1. Logan Gatt – Paramount
  2. Danica Aaronson – Paramount
  3. Lucas Tang-Sing – Deep Water

Bracket 10

  1. Dominic Foley – Paramount
  2. Anthony Foley – Paramount
  3. Ayden Smith – Paramount

Bracket 11

  1. Tomas Albergo – Osagame
  2. Cole Pacinelli – Paramount
  3. Rileigh O’neill – Paramount

Bracket 12

  1. Nora Corbett – Paramount
  2. Henry Hartling – Main Line United
  3. Nina Hartling – Main Line United

Bracket 13

  1. Ian Corbett – Paramount
  2. Emma Dalkin – Main Line United

Bracket 14

  1. Will Benkovic – Deep Water
  2. Brandon Pacinelli – Paramount
  3. Nina Hartling – Main Line United

Bracket 15

  1. Logan Gatt – Paramount
  2. Quinn Nettingham – Paramount



  1. Charles Whaley Pryor – Main Line United
  2. Derrick Stevens – Main Line United
  3. Eric O’Neill – Paramount


  1. Jason O’Neill – Paramount
  2. Mike Discianni – Paramount
  3. Rob Nirenberg – Paramount


  1. Jesse Coleman – BJJ United
  2. Marc Sroka – Martinez BJJ
  3. Wade Miller – Deep Water


  1. TJ Cascio – Paramount
  2. Dan Boyer – Deep Water
  3. Mike Wylie – Deep Water

Absolute (Open Weight)

  1. TJ Cascio – Paramount
  2. Kenny Gilyard – Paramount
  3. Mike Discianni – Paramount



  1. Jocelynn Palmer – Paramount
  2. Heather Allard – Paramount
  3. Willa Culpepper – Osagame


  1. Jasmine Geathers – Deep Water
  2. Jackalyn Brannan – Paramount
  3. Liz Dayton – Paramount

Absolute (Open Weight)

  1. Jocelynn Palmer – Paramount
  2. Willa Culpepper – Osagame
  3. Kyra Newmaster – Deep Water



  1. Dan Dice – Deep Water
  2. Darlington Princewell – Main Line United


  1. John Deering – Martinez BJJ
  2. Mike Haile – Paramount
  3. Charles Wimmer – Deep Water


  1. Drew Meise – Deep Water
  2. Arthur Fuller – Main Line United
  3. Alex Roseman – Main Line United

Absolute (Open Weight)

  1. Drew Meise – Deep Water
  2. Artem Bohovko – Paramount
  3. Dan Dice – Deep Water


Absolute (Open Weight)

  1. Ted Miller – Paramount
  2. Denny Sisti – Deep Water
  3. Bob Pozun – Main Line United



*All classes are cancelled this Saturday*

This Saturday, November 11th Paramount Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will hold it’s 2017 Fall in-house tournament. This event is open to Paramount/TAC Team students and competitors from invited academies, and will feature divisions for children (age 5+), teens, and adults (up to purple belt). See below for more information.

Tentative Schedule:

  • 9:00 am- Doors open
  • 9:45 am- Rules meeting
  • 10:00 am- Children’s matches begin, followed by teens matches
  • 12:45 pm- Adult rules meeting
  • 1:00 pm- Adult divisions begin

Point system (as per the IBJJF)

  • Takedown: 2 points
  • Sweep: 2 points
  • Knee-on-stomach: 2 points
  • Guard pass: 3 points
  • Mount position: 4 points
  • Back position: 4 points
  • Advantages are given when a competitor almost scores or almost gets a submission. Advantages are only taken into account when the score is tied.

Match Length:

  • Children: 3 minutes
  • Teens: 4 minutes
  • Adult white belts: 5 minutes
  • Blue belts: 6 minutes
  • Purple belts: 7 minutes

Registration fee:

  • $40 until Thursday (Nov. 9) for Paramount students
  • $30 for competitors from visiting (invited) academies, can pay at the door but must be registered by Thursday.
  • There is NO day-of registration

Weigh-ins will be held throughout the week for Paramount students.

We will confirm weights on the day for visiting competitors- But please provide accurate weight in advance so brackets can be completed by Friday. We will adjust brackets if necessary but the less changes the better.

Make sure to mark your calendar for these upcoming events at Paramount!

Saturday, November 11th @ 9 am: In-house BJJ tournamentfeaturing divisions for kids age 5+ and adults up to purple belt. Make sure to register by October 31st for the discount registration, only $30 per competitor!

Friday, December 1st @ 6 pm: Adult BJJ white belt stripe test
Saturday, December 2nd @ 11 am: Adult BJJ white belt stripe test

Saturday, December 9th @ 11 am: End of year belt promotions, awards, & annual team photo.

Holiday Party: TBA

As always, it’s going to be an exciting end to 2017!

Congratulations to the following students for passing their stripe test last week:

1st Stripe

  • Josh Christy
  • Blake Lowry
  • Dan Letscher
  • Chris Lagarde
  • Brad Steese
  • Tim Holt
  • TJ Cascio
  • Mike Schmitt

2nd Stripe

  • Joe Turney
  • Liz Dayton
  • Patrick Amore
  • Chris Lucchesi
  • Gary Balakof

3rd Stripe

  • Bill Bonnell
  • Jeff McBride
  • Gil Ubina
  • Kenny Gilyard
  • Eric O’neill

4th Stripe

  • Matt Finch
  • Brandon Augustine
  • Eric Estrada
  • Cam Taylor
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Jocelyn Palmer
  • Hrithik Sangani

Paramount BJJ News:

Congratulations to Abi Pacinelli for once again reaching the podium at the IBJJF World Masters Championships. She earned bronze in her weight class and the open weight. She is now a 6x medalist at the event, and a 2x champion.

This Saturday, Sept. 2: Open mat @ 11am
Monday, Sept. 4: Closed

Tuesday, Sept. 12th at 730pm (limited spots)
Friday, Sept. 15th at 6pm

Youth: 9/6 and 9/11 during class
Lil Ninjas: 9/26 and 9/28 during class

The BJJ charity tournament is back at the USTC, right here in Downingtown, on September 23rd! We must support this event by bringing lots of competitors, spectators, and donating to our fundraisers! Get more info at Paramount.

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Instructors and coaches in all sports rave about “the basics,” so let’s take a look at how the basics work in a black belt match. Specifically, Paramount BJJ head instructor Brad Court in the final of the 2013 IBJJF Boston Open.

You’ll see the same exact guard pass and back-take that we teach in our BJJ Basics curriculum. Check it out!

Paramount BJJ has more international medals than all other BJJ schools in Chester County COMBINED. Even if you have zero interest in competing, you can rest assured that you are learning proven techniques from instructors with real experience.

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