This past weekend Paramount BJJ head instructor Brad Court, along with brand new brown belt Phil Mento, made the trip down to Richmond, Virginia for the US Grappling tournament. They returned having won both of their divisions. Here’s how it played out:

Prof. Brad had a challenging first match, and after 10 minutes the score was tied 2-2. Because of his constant attacks over the last 60 seconds he was awarded the win via ref decision. In his final match he won via brabo choke, a more advanced choke from the knee-cut pass, to take home the Gold medal.

Phil was making his brown belt debut, having just been promoted the prior Saturday, and had 3 tough matches to earn his Gold medal. The first he won relatively comfortably on points. But the second match got off to a bad start, as Phil found himself behind on points 5-0. But we train hard at Paramount, and Phil is no stranger to adversity. He passed the guard and took the back to win 7-5. In the final he was able to tap his opponent with a choke that we drill a lot in our advanced classes- the head and arm Ezekiel.

Next up for the Paramount BJJ competition team is the Fight to Win Pro even in Philly on July 14th. Students can get tickets through Anthony and Abi, who will be featured on the card.

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