For the first time ever we are holding a Submission-Only in-house competition at Paramount! This is a one of a kind experience, the opportunity to test your Jiu-Jitsu without having to worry about points or time limits.

The event will take place on Saturday, March 25th, there will be white and blue belt divisions for men, and a white belt division for women. These divisions will be open-weight.

We will award trophy cups for 1st through 3rd place, and the winner of “fastest submission” of the event will get $100 cash. Registration is only $20 until March 13th when it jumps up to $40- so don’t wait!

See the front desk today to register!

One of the challenges of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, or any physical activity (skiing, rock climbing, soccer, etc.) for that matter, is avoiding injury. While it’s impossible to completely prevent injury, there are some things you can do that will no doubt reduce the risk. Here are four:

1. Warming Up. A proper warm-up will prepare the body for hard training, and thus lower the chances of injuries such as pulling a muscle. A good warm-up will include movements similar or identical to those which you’ll do during training, and will gradually increase in intensity until you’ve broken a sweat and are breathing heavily. Stretching is best done after training, when the muscles are warm and pliable.

2. Strength Training. This could be done through lifting weights, using machines, or simply doing body weight exercises like squats, push-ups, pull-ups, etc. Building strength doesn’t necessarily mean big muscles. It means ensuring that your muscles can assist the joints and connective tissue to withstand the stress put on your body when you train. Strength training 2 times a week is sufficient, you don’t want to overdo it and weaken the muscles before a tough session on the mats.

Leg circles are a great way to warm up the core & the hips. As to whether or not they look cool, the jury is still out.

3. Listening to Your Body. When you’re a little sore or beat up, you may find that after a solid warm-up you feel fine and are ready to go. But if you’re injured or sick, it’s best to take some time to recover. Ignoring those signs that you should take a break can often lead to sloppy training, which can end with an injury. As one black belt world champion said, “Rest is part of your training.”

4. Choosing Training Partners. This is a tricky one, as many students feel obligated to train with anyone who asks, and newer students don’t want to cause any awkwardness. But there are diplomatic ways of doing it. First, you can be proactive and choose your training partners before anyone singles you out. Or you can speak with your instructor in private about who you’re uncomfortable training with, and he/she can pair or switch people up when necessary.
For women it is especially important to avoid training with men who are, a.) much larger, and b.) brand new to BJJ. There are exceptions to every rule, but typically bigger people aren’t always able to prevent their size from being a factor, and newer male students have not yet shed the ego that will prevent them from accepting the difficulty or defeat when rolling with an experienced female practitioner. Not to mention the fact that new students move in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways.

A good husband will often absorb tremendous punishment on the mats, and is among the best training partners for a woman.

Ultimately, if you participate in any physical activity for a number of years you will face injury at some point. While the above suggestions will not guarantee 100% health throughout your time training, they will help. On top of that, there’s no real draw-back to them when done correctly.

Take a look at the students who were promoted and received awards on Saturday. Congratulations to all, it is quite an accomplishment to achieve any of these honors.


  • Competitor of the Year: Phil Mento
  • Instructor of the Year: Mike Hashem
  • Performance of the Year: Abi Pacinelli (double Gold at World Masters)
  • Student of the Year: Justin Mazzi


Chuck Wagner was promoted to first degree black belt. Chuck is an excellent instructor and a model student- having trained consistently from white to black belt while managing career and family obligations as well as injuries. As an instructor he plays an integral role for so many students on their journey to black belt.

Brown Belt

  • Eric Desmarais
  • Dan Bottomley

Purple Belt

  • Henrik Strame
  • Rob Duff

Blue Belt

  • James Sewing
  • Brian Washington
  • Melissa Landrum
  • Greg Thompson
  • Pete Davidson
  • Mike Lubragge
  • Drew Meise*
  • Kord Hoffman*
  • Mike Fegley*

*Train out of affiliate Deep Water BJJ in Harrisburg, PA.

A big thank you to all of the students who came out to celebrate their teammates achievements and participate in the event. These milestones would not be as special without all of you.

Later that evening the festivities continued with our holiday party. We had a great turnout, great food and drinks and we even had UFC on Fox playing in the lobby. It was the perfect way to end a great day.


Here is tomorrow’s schedule of events:

9:20am – Lil Ninjas BJJ
10:00am – Youth BJJ
10:00am -Muay Thai
* There are no adult BJJ or Boxing classes tomorrow
11:00am – Annual BJJ Team Photo, Awards and Belt Promotions
6:00pm – Holiday Party

Snow and freezing rain is in the forecast starting in the early morning hours. As of now only 1-3 inches is expected, so we fully intend to hold the event. If that changes we will post it on Facebook & Twitter so check back tomorrow morning. Make sure to drive carefully and leave early to avoid snow, traffic and parking delays.

The party will start at 6pm and will not end before 8. Bring some cash so you can enter the raffles to win gift cards and prizes. If you’d like to bring food, drinks, or desserts please feel free.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow!

This weekend marked the final stripe tests of 2016 for our adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu white belt students. Of note, the group on Friday evening performed better than any in the past. In total, 27 students moved closer to blue belt- the most ever for any stripe test. Congratulations to all.

1st Stripe

  • Kate Mazzi
  • Jen Elam
  • Patrick Galloway
  • Will Tamura
  • Michelle Kirk
  • Matt Finch
  • Jackalyn Brannan
  • Sam Gomez
  • Kenny Gilyard
  • Pat Amore
  • Chris Luchessi
  • Bobby Weeks
  • Jocelyn Palmer
  • Hrithik Sangani

2nd Stripe

  • Cam Taylor
  • Joe Ross
  • John Healy
  • Jade Leonard
  • John Wilson

3rd Stripe

  • Cathryn Millares
  • Chris Patton
  • Ed Foley
  • Jason Johansen
  • Mike Haile

4th Stripe

  • James Sewing
  • Greg Thompson
  • Jason O’neill

Next Saturday, December 17th, will be the 2016 Year-End Belt Promotions and Awards event. Make sure to be in your gi, ready to step on the mats, at 11am sharp.

Later that evening we’ll be celebrating the holidays and all of the success of 2016. Join us at 6pm, feel free to bring family and friends, and if you’d like to contribute food or drinks please add your name to the list at the front desk.


Here’s what’s on the calendar at Paramount in December:

Adult White Belt Stripe Tests
– Dec. 9th @ 6pm
– Dec. 10th @ 11am

Youth Stripe Tests
– Dec. 12th & 14th during class

Lil Ninjas Stripe & Belt Tests
– Dec. 13th & 15th during class

End of Year Belt Promotions & Awards Ceremony (adults)
– Dec. 17th @ 11am

Holiday Party
– Dec. 17th @ 6pm

Click HERE or call 610-269-1127 for more info on our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for adults and kids, Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA programs.


There are so many great training sessions every week, it’s impossible to capture all of the action and exciting moments- crazy sweeps, awesome takedowns, last-second escapes, etc. But every now and then the camera is ready and the timing is right.

Check out the best action shots from 2016 Paramount BJJ training sessions:











If you’re not already training at Paramount, click HERE or call 610-269-1127 to learn more about our 7-day FREE Trial, you can train in 20+ classes 100% free before deciding whether or not you want to continue.

Preparing to step into a cage for an MMA fight requires courage, dedication, determination, mental fortitude and more. Branden King displayed all of that and more leading up to his fight at Xtreme Cage Combat (XCC) 26 this past Friday.

Countless hours were spent training at Paramount BJJ in Downingtown PA, refining his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Boxing skills in preparation for his 4th fight. Strategies were discussed, game plans put together, and specific scenarios were drilled over and over again.

On Friday night, Branden stepped into the cage and put on an incredible performance. He executed the proper techniques in every situation, and remained calm and composed throughout.


With a big crowd of supporters from Paramount BJJ, and friends and family cheering him on, Branden dominated the entire fight. He won the first 2 rounds primarily with his grappling.

Branden landed a hard left hand to start the 3rd round, went straight into a body lock and lifted his opponent up before slamming him down to the mat. After a scramble for position, he sunk in a head & arm choke for the tap.

Click HERE for more info on training MMA in Downingtown, PA. Or call 610-269-1127 to schedule an Orientation, Tour of our academy and Free Week of Unlimited classes.


The 2016 Paramount Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fall In-house tournament has come and gone, and as expected it was another successful event with plenty of action-packed matches. Here are the complete results (check our Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages @paramountbjj for podium pics and action shots):

Children’s Divisions

Bracket A
1. Michael Landrum
2. Abigail Elam
3. Bubba O’Neill

Bracket B
1. Nate Lestcher
2. Ashley Hoffman
3. Mason Chamberlain

Bracket C
1. Rileigh O’Neill
2. Ben Hull
3. Zubin Noushi

Bracket D
1. Cole Pacinelli
2. Omar Elsayed
3. Sienna Landrum

Bracket E
1. Caden Smith
2. Sienna Landrum
3. Cole Pacinelli

Bracket F
1. Logan Smith
2. Dominic Foley
3. Brian Chamberlain

Bracket G
1. Milind Sangani
2. Brandon Pacinelli

Bracket H
1. Angelina Lewis
2. Vincent Montone
3. Nora Corbett

Bracket I
1. Fatmah Elsayed
2. Ethan Ubina
3. Ethan Kosits

Bracket K
1. Jack Chamberlain
2. Franklin Panicker, Jr.
3. Kierce Dayton

Adult Female Divisions

White belt – Bracket 1
1. Kate Egan
2. Jacquelyn Gola
3. Melissa Landrum

White belt – Bracket 2
1. Jade Leonard
2. Meg Keisling
3. Jackalyn Brannan

1. Kate Egan
2. Jacquelyn Gola
3. Cathryn Millares

Adult Male White Belt Divisions

1. Avery Drake
2. Hrithik Sangani

1. Stanislov Malozovsky
2. Matt Finch
3. John Wilson

1. Harrison Schwartz
2. Charles Wimmer
3. Mike Discianni

1. Greg Thompson
2. Pat Galloway
3. Cam Taylor

1. Drew Meise
2. Maxim Olshanskiy
3. Jason Johansen

1. Mike Lubragge
2. Anthony Rosa
3. Tod Reynolds

1. Kord Hoffman
2. Kenny Gilyard
3. Ed Foley

1. Robin Pitt
2. Jacques McAllister
3. Bobby Weeks

1. Josiah Belgrave
2. Robin Pitt
3. Greg Thompson

Adult Male Blue Belt Divisions

1. Denny Sisti
2. Brett Landrum
3. A.J. Discianni

1. Kirk Martin
2. Jake Levy
3. Justin Mazzi

1. Denny Sisti
2. A.J. Discianni
3. Matt Matalavage

Congratulations to all of the competitors, and thanks to everyone who showed up to support the event. Next up on the calendar:

  • December 9th & 10th: Adult white belt stripe tests
  • December 17th: Year-End Awards and Belt Promotions
  • December 17th: Holiday Party


Here’s what’s on the calendar for the final months of 2016:

  • November 12th:
    Fall In-House Tournament
    Doors open at 9am (more info in the post below)

  • November 12th:
    UFC 205 Party
    Main card starts at 10pm, doors open at 9

  • December 9th & 10th
    Adult white belt stripe tests
    6pm and 11am respectively

  • December 17th
    Year-End Belt Promotions & Awards
    Starts at 11am

  • December 17th
    Holiday Party
    The fun begins at 6pm

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