Check out this highlight video of Team Paramount head instructor Brad Court, a National Champion and black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Lloyd Irvin. This footage is from the US Grappling Old Dominion Championships in August 2010.

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On April 1st Xtreme Caged Combat will be coming to the Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA to kick off the MMA and Sports Expo (April 1-3, 2011). Team Paramount will have 4 fighters on the card and all four are training hard.

Phil Lopez (2-1) will be making his 135 lbs debut, Standley Eugene (4-0) is looking to continue his impressive streak at 185, and Mike Thomas (1-0) will be looking to make a name for himself at 155lbs. Also on the card is our first female MMA fighter Renee Cannon who will be debuting.

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 Check out this sweep from open guard, it’s a nice variation on a classic:


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The Pan American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships is the 2nd largest BJJ tournament in the world, and will be held March 24-27 in Irvine, California. The Pan Am will set up the favorites for the World Championships, to be held in June and is sure to have some grueling battles and fantastic upsets.

The Team Lloyd Irvin roster can be found here, and although several of our top athletes are injured we are still sending a strong crew. Be sure to check back soon for updates on the training and results at the end of the month.

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Check out this simple set-up for a Kimura armlock from the sidemount:


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Mixed Martial Arts returns to Australia tonight for the Number 1 contender fight at Welterweight between former UFC LW and WW Champion BJ Penn and former title challenger Jon Fitch. This fight will decide who challenges the winner of the Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields fight next month. Both Penn and Fitch weighed in and are ready to go tonight. Here’s the main event card:

BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch
Michael Bisping vs Jorge Rivera
George Sotiropolous vs Dennis Siver
Chris Lytle vs Brian Ebersole
Kyle Noke vs Chris Camozzi

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This past weekend marked the 2nd annual Kids Pan American BJJ tournament in California. Team Lloyd Irvin sent a Childrens team and came away with the Junior, Teen, and Overall Team Championship! If you’ve been following Team Paramount/Lloyd Irvin this should come as no suprise. Our Kids Team also holds the 2010 World Series of Grappling and the 2010 IBJJF World Championship Team titles.

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Wrestle and Win

One of the most important things in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense is the ability to decide where the fight or match goes. Once you get a person to the ground it’s a million times easier to control and finish the match or conflict.

It’s such an important aspect of grappling, mma, and self-defense that we brought in wrestling coach Jim Kelly to go over the finer points of takedowns. Over 30 students showed up to learn the correct way to set up and finish takedowns from different positions.

Last year Paramount student Standley Eugene made his debut in MMA and was able to win with an armlock in the 3rd round. Standley won his next three fights and is currently 4-0. His ability to take his opponents down at will allowed him to control the fight and dominate his opponents.

If you’re not training takedowns, you’re missing a critical part of the game. As a start, set a goal of mastering two takedowns. You have until December 31st, 2011. That’s plenty of time if you train consistently. Get at least 100 reps a week so that by 2012 you will have done each about 4,500 times.  

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Team Lloyd Irvin has schools across the country, in Florida, Maryland, San Diego, North Carolina and Pennsylvania to name a few. As part of Team Lloyd Irvin, students at Paramount have the luxury and benefit of being able to visit any of these top notch academies.

As a result, our students get the very best when it comes to training, conditioning, and coaching. With UFC fighters, Jiu-Jitsu World Champions, Muay Thai National Champions and Judo Olympians there simply isn’t a better team in the United States. Team Lloyd Irvin is the answer for anyone looking to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Self-Defense, Mixed Martial Arts, or to get in shape and make friends for life.

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This past weekend marked Emelianenko Fedor’s second consecutive loss in a row, something most MMA fans never expected to see. Despite his loss to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Fabricio Werdum in June of 2010, most fans felt that Fedor was still the top Heavyweight and would bounce back with little problem.

That proved not to be the case, as Fedor lost to another BJJ black belt in Antonio Silva. It was a dominant performance by Silva, and Fedor spoke of retirement in the post-fight interview.

It was evident that Fedor was not the same fighter he used to be, he’s passed his prime no doubt. But it’s no coincidence that both of his losses were to BJJ black belts. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides a person, big or small, with the ability to end a conflict swiftly and without the use of strength or size. Fedor lost to Werdum while being on top, and against Silva he was taken down and controlled while on bottom.

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